The most popular way to earn money is via affiliate program on internet. It is the simpliest way to do and costs nothing but internet bills which you also have to pay anyway.

We don't even own the product and there are plenty of products are waiting for us to be sell and introduce.

Why Join Affiliate Programs ?

The affiliate marketing programs are widely viewed as a profitable, win-win situation for both parties involved in this process. Affiliation is becoming an increasingly powerful online marketing tool, as more and more worldwide merchants are establishing affiliate programs.

Studies show that nearly half of these networks count several thousands affiliates each. Even if the amount of sales is rather far from equal to those made by means of sponsored links or e-mailing, affiliate marketing allows merchants to extend the presence of their brands on the Web, targeting especially those sites that are in direct relationship with their target. This is actually a very efficient strategy to attract prospective customers to their Web sites.

What Does It Mean to Become an Affiliate?

Launched and popularized by in 1996, affiliation is a partnership that brings benefits for both the merchant (the entity that creates the affiliation program) and the affiliate (Webmaster). The merchant is a company that sells one or more products and that proposes Webmasters to promote its products and gain a commission in exchange of their services.

Each merchant will propose a specific affiliation program that also contains detailed payment methods. The Webmaster that subscribes to this program becomes thus an affiliate. The affiliate marketers will have at their disposal elements of either visual or textual nature (text links, search boxes, banner links, product links, etc.), as well as, from time to time, product catalogs and feeds that can be installed on their sites.

The interest of a merchant is, according to the affiliation principle, to obtain an as widespread as possible network of affiliate Webmasters in order to get high-quality visibility and thus being able to sell its products. Affiliation is beneficial for both merchant and affiliate marketer.

15 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Even if affiliate marketing is not an extremely easy thing to do (both merchant and affiliate marketer have to work hard in order to achieve the expected results), it is nevertheless a quite good method to boost sales (for merchants) or generate extra income (for the affiliate marketer).

Among the best reasons to become an affiliate there are:

Low cost set-up: all you need is a desk, a computer connected to the Internet and word processing software, and you're in business!
No production costs: this is the merchant's concern; it's their product / service that you're promoting. You don't need your own products to sell.
Joining is free and there are no licenses you need to buy: most affiliate programs are free, and you don't need an expensive license in order to distribute a certain product. It all depends on your ability to promote your Web site.

The palette of products / services from which you can choose is enormous: there's a lot you can choose from, for example you can sell software if you have a computer or software related website.

  • No limitations on geographical distribution: being an affiliate marketer means that the world is at your doorstep. There are no boundaries.
  • No employees: you'll never have to worry about hiring full-time or even part-time employees. However, if you need some project done, you can always outsource it, and the person you assign it to can easily do it from his own home. So you won't have to worry about any employee related issue.
  • Merchant account not needed: the merchant whose affiliate program you've joined handles the processing of all the payments, so there's no worry for you on that part.
  • No shipping: you don't have to worry about shipping, postal rates, packaging, etc.
  • No inventory: you can sell large amounts of products without necessarily having them on storage.
  • No order processing: you won't need to collect data about the customers. The merchant does that.
  • Customer service is not your concern: whatever issues customers might bring up, it's not your business.
  • Minimal risk: you have the possibility to give up promoting any service / product that is just not working for you, and there are no strings attached.
  • Quite high income potential: depending on how motivated you are and how much effort you put into it, this can be a quite lucrative business.
  • Endless opportunities: keep this in mind: you have access to the world's greatest marketplace!
  • Valuable content for your website visitors.

Is Affiliate Program Same with MLM ?

Any avid follower or player of multi level marketing affiliate program business know too well that it is not the same as multi-level pyramid scheme. However, there are some fellows who erroneously think that because affiliate marketing model rewards both the website that is advertising as well as the website that is hosting, then it is multi-level pyramid scheme as well.

Generally, MLM pyramid schemes mode of operation is illegal and work by constantly signing up new people to promote a product that doesn’t actually exist. The people at the top of the pyramid make money be collecting a commission off of all the sales that happen below them in the pyramid structure.

However, some MLM pyramid schemes, in recent years, have tried to gain a bit of respectability by offering legitimate products like phone cards that made the whole operation legal. But, this effort seems not enough to dissuade people from labeling it as vague and insincere.

Multi level marketing affiliate program is, in no conceivable way, multi-level marketing. In most cases, a site that wants to advertise pays another site to direct traffic to them.

There are multi-level affiliate marketing set ups that have one site direct traffic to another site and then that site directs people to the site that pays both previous sites, but even in this case, the customer isn’t tricked or misled and there isn’t any sort of financial transaction that takes place, either.

I also realize some people who are new to multi level marketing affiliate program online tends to confuse it with a MLM pyramid scheme. But I believe that with this article, you can be rest assured that this projected $200 billion industry is sane, fair and totally honest.

That inform the reason that most big corporations are adopting different forms of multi level marketing affiliate program to grow their businesses.

Good Affiliate Programs and Common Affiliate Mistakes

When i first started online i had no clue on which affiliate programs were worth my time and affords. I got excited about having all these different usernames and passwords to affiliate programs thinking that i'd make so much money. But to my disappointment did not make any sells for months. And it was not because the programs did not work, but because I did not know the good from the bad ones, and did not know how i could promote them in the right way.

I'm going to supply the good type of affiliate programs you should promote and earn income basically for the life of the internet, which took me time to figure out and start earning the commissions i deserved.

Good type of affiliate program

One of the good affiliate programs worth promoting are 2-tier affiliate programs or residual affiliate programs. This type of affiliate programs allow you to build your own down line "sales force". You get commissions continuously on every sale your sales force make. And your down line can really grow so quickly without you doing much work. So you definitely need decent 2-tier and residual affiliate programs for financial freedom. Most affiliate programs offer 5% of all your sales force single sale.

Get to know how high the sales commission of the particular affiliate product. The sales commissions depend on the profit margins of product industry. Information products tend to have high profit margins of 50% - 75% commissions, while maybe computer software's and tools can turn to be very low in profit margins of about 5%. But some companies offer more commissions from the more units you sell.

Now as you know that most people don't buy from you the first time, you should be aware of short duration cookie affiliate programs. Cookies are limits that tell the vender how long he will be credited for any sales he makes from a referred customer. The best cookie offer is lifetime, so you can reap your rewards for your worked efforts forever. Some programs offer 3 month cookies, but i mean, have you ever brought a product the some time you see it?

Admistration should be essential as well. The affiliate program should offer full advertising tracking services. You should be able to track your click-through rates and advertising effectiveness in your back office. The advertising material should cover customized matches for your client base to be more effective.

Common affiliate mistakes

Most people since they are in a rush of making money from affiliate programs then tend to choose the wrong affiliate product. Don't choose a bandwagon product. These are products that the affiliate program thinks are hot sellers but do not appeal to you the affiliate. You should read, study and choose a product that you are interested and would enjoy promoting. But don't forget to do deep research on of the products demand. Don't promote a product for the sake of making money.

Since most if not all affiliate programs are free to join, people turn to join too many of them at the same time. There may be nothing wrong with having multiple income streams, but you won't be able to promote all of them at once. Put your self in position where you will be able to concentrate and promote your product. First join one affiliate program with a high commission payout, then after you have mastered how to make money and are satisfied with your results, you can then move to the next product.

Try using the product or service first so you can be a product of your own product. Does the product deliver what it says it does? You should know the advantages and disadvantages of the product, then you will be able to produce it in a true manner.

Basically knowing the best online affiliate programs and avoiding the most common affiliate mistakes can get you making money in no time at all. Most affiliate marketers fall into these problems and lose interest in affiliate marketing, living behind financial freedom. So don't fall in that pit and apply these steps.

How to Choose the best Affiliate Programmes

Being an affiliate is really a mindset thing. Would you rather run a company that is responsible for providing the product or service, starting relationships with prospects, following up relentlessly to close the sale, shipping the product, handling returns, dealing with all the customer service issues including people who are only want to give you a hard time... Hey, a lot of people love doing those things and that's great. We need those kind of people and I'm deeply thankful for them myself.

Or would you rather simply focus on bringing prospects to the table and letting the company do all the "dirty" work
for you? This is the choice of an affiliate.

I've seen so many people fail in this business simply because they joined the WRONG program(s). They put their heart and soul into promoting it, but it never produced big profits for them. These people leave the Internet thinking
that affiliate marketing is a scam, but the truth is often that they just joined the wrong programs. If they would have
put the same energy into another affiliate program (one that actually converts prospects into customer and pays the
lion's share of the profits), they would have succeeded.

Through out the years working on the internet, it has always intrigued me on what is the best method of making money on line. I think for starters affiliate marketing is the best. As you get the hang of it you then develop your own products to promote. The question that always crops up is "how do you choose the best affiliate programme?'

The answer to that is simple:

  1. Take time to browse and compare the different affiliate programmes before joining.
  2. Join a programme that is willing to pay you more than they earn when you make a sale
  3. Choose a programme that pays you a residual income, i.e. if you manage to have someone signing up then you get paid month after month as long as the person remains with the programme
  4. Choose programmes such as those offering hosting services, memberships, business opportunities
  5. Join those programmes that offer wide range of support including well tested marketing material and coaching/training for your success.
  6. The trick in choosing a programme is patience.

Key to remember is that you put the same effort in promoting a programme that will pay you a once off payment and one that will pay you continuously. It is again always better to join about 5 of the affiliate programmes as you diversify your income streams. It is not advisable to stick only to one affiliate programme. At the same time you do not need to join hundreds of them.

I got an advice early on when I started dabbling into the internet business and that advice was this is business and treat it as such, this not a get rich quick programme a lot of work is needed for you to succeed, do not get carried away by many promises of $ in 30 days. Be systematic, consistent and persevere.

Affiliate Programs – Starting With Profits

Marketing an affiliate program is an ideal business. There is no physical product to handle so you don’t need carry a supply of the product you sell. Therefore, your inventory costs are zero! You don’t have the hassles of dealing with the public. The merchant deals with all customer issues such as, inquiries, fulfillment (mailing out product), and refunds. And last, but not least, you are not tied down. My articles, websites, blogs, ads, and banners continue to work just as hard regardless of whether I’m at my computer or on vacation.

So, what exactly is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is a method of making money on the Internet. You register as an affiliate with a company (called the merchant) that provides a product for sale. There is usually no charge to register. Your only job is to refer people to the merchant’s website. Each time one of your visitors buys a product from the merchant, you collect a commission. The merchant is responsible for developing the product, negotiating the actual sale (through their website), handling the payment collection, sending out the product, and handling any problems. Your commission can vary according to the merchant and product but generally ranges between 30% and 75% of the sale price. You do not need a merchant account, nor do you need to have any sort of checkout procedure or shopping cart. Your only responsibility is to send people to the merchant’s website, they take care of the rest.

You don’t even need a website to participate, although it is an advantage if you have one. You can refer visitors to the merchant’s website through blogs, ads, forums, user groups, or email. You are only limited by your imagination. Do not, however, use spam to generate visitors! That is a sure way to get banned from affiliate participation, and possibly be prosecuted under the law.

Most people start out making money on the Internet through affiliate programs. One of the most appealing features of an affiliate program is how quickly you can begin to make money. Once you sign up as an affiliate, you can start making money right away! It is the easiest, cheapest, and quickest method to ramp up an Internet business.